SAS Pink Panther

These 2.25, petrol engine, standard long wheel base Landrover vehicles modified by the SAS regiment, were a blue print to the Marshals Pink Panther.
There are none of these vehicles in existence, as they were mostly driven to destruction or destroyed if compromised by enemy action.
However, this is a REPLICA vehicle, on an authentic Military long wheel based chassis etc. with modified suspension and steering provisions, - all in keeping with the original trial and error in service (Unit Mod) changes that Regiment members made. It has been meticulously researched and depicts a ‘work in progress’ Internally it has many accurate modifications ie seat positions, and stowage bins, sun compass and other navigational aids. This vehicle has deliberate patina and service wear and tear - weathering.
Ex regiment authors were consulted during its construction and this vehicle is part of a group of dedicated SAS Pink panther owners. vehicle is show ready - with seven months MOT and Service story.
Full inventory upon request.
Sale excludes all deacs - but can be discussed separetly. Location : Canterbury - Kent.

Paul McGill : 07974 210632

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