John Slough of London Retirement Sale

John is retiring after more than 50 years and some of the stock of this renowned business is up for sale.
This stock includes high end British artillery ranging from 16th century cannon to WW1 artillery pieces many of which were fully restored to take part in the Passchendaele Centenary Commemoration Salute 2017.
No.5 18pdr QF field gun made by Vickers Son & Maxim in 1917 No.6 13pdr QF field gun made by Royal Gun Factory in 1915, it has been rechambered to take a 25pdr short case blank.
No.7 13pdr QF field gun as above.
No.9 18pdr QF field gun made by VS&M in 1917. It was dug up in 1995 from a beach at Berwick on Tweed where it had been used by the RAF for bombing practice in the last war.
No.10 Cannon - 24pdr Tudor naval gun circa 1588, length approx 10' .
No.11 Reproduction 13pdr limber made for the War Horse Ride 2014.
No.14 64pdr RML on original carriage circa 1870. No.47 (2 photos)
Fully restored 18pdr limber 1904 pattern.
Prices on Application.
Also a large quantity of related spare parts - please ring John on 07775 643762 to enquire.

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John Slough: 07775 643762

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