Landrover Demountable FFR Kit

Mounting frame, table, and all accessories for Series Landrovers, all complete, in very good condition. Comes complete with the following: Tie-down hooks, incl spare Battery tray, battery container c/w separator 2x n.o.s. battery retainers + cables and connectors, plus two more as spares.
Operator's folding seat; locates into table frame when in the vehicle, or legs fold down for use with ground station.
2x side extending aerial base extensions with cables and insulators( these project through the canvas tilt. 2x vehicle wing mounted aerial tuning boxes, fully complete, with tuning dials.
2x correct securing units for above- rare 4x aerial cases 4x aerials, as new condition, two four-sections, plus two three-sections, plus 4 spare sections One adjustable aerial, calibrated, n.o.s.
Many spare leads and connectors.

Graham Walker: 07711 575894

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