WW2 British Army Seachlight 5' mirror and generator

WW2 British Army Searchlight 5' mirror and Searchlight generator.
Searchlight details: Anti Aircraft. British manufacture. 5 foot mirror.
Trailer mounted (original), Arcing mechanism present Lamp Type: Carbon Arc (no light bulb!) Mirror Type: Parabolic Trailer dimensions: Length: 4.54 mtrs. Vertical height: 2.95 mtrs. Width: 2.3 mtrs. Minor parts missing eg. incomplete seats.
Some chipping on the mirror. Never been run since the war.
Needs painting. Only seen as a static display.
Do not know if it is operable.
Searchlight Generator details: British Lister Motor.
Not run for forty years. Suits static display with Searchlight.
Total price AU $25000.00

Rod Keys: 0428 378536

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