Gas Blowback 100% Steel STEN Replicas

Northeast Airsoft are a Taiwanese craft manufacturer of the various STEN models built throughout WW2.
 The manufacturer is a STEN enthusiast who hand-builds these in a workshop at his home.
 We first had the Mk3 with the aluminium bolt handle, phosphourised finish and no safety.
 Now we have the Mk3 'Late Version' which has a blued finish and the hour-glass shaped steel bolt handle and active safety.
 The Northeast Stens' are 1:1 scale full steel replicas built exactly as a real one, minus the correct barrel bore size (this is 6mm), cartridge ejection pickup and firing pin.
 They also field strip and assemble exactly as a real one.
 You simply cannot find a better quality or more accurate model anywhere else.
 Guaranteed, or your money back without question.


Milweb Trade Seller
Airsoft World: 01592 773863

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