WW2 Radio US Signals Radio Equipment for sale

1) BC 611 WW2 Dated August 1st 1944 Handy Talkie in good condition as used by the 101 and 82nd .
Is complete with electronics and extendable telescopic aerial, send/rec switch rubber cover in good condition. Has been stripped and checked rare and very collectable crystal and Antenna Coil set to 4930 Kc .£395.
2) BC 611 Handy Talkie not dated but identical to WW2 in all respects and in good condition has been stripped and checked send switch rubber cover in good condition electronics, extending telescopic aerial etc. Set with 4080 Kc Antenna Coil and Crystal.
3) Signal Corps I-177 WW2 Valve Tester marked as S/n 3422 CHK 27612 Phila- 44-52. This Valve tester is in good condition and used to test valves in WW2 Radios incl the BC 611, BC 1306 etc. Comes with complete Valve and settings table master book. In olive drab metal crackle finish paint and is the earlier model with black Bakelite valve seats. £345.
4) BX-53-GY Box for spare valves for BC 1306 / GRC -9 etc complete with valves £65.
5) AN- 29B Aerial for WW2 radio set eg BC 659 etc mint condition £75.
6) Metal Legs and seat to fit GN-58-A type hand crank generator for BC1306, GRC-9 etc £70 (generator not included).
7) Repro metal legs + genuine feet for GN-58-A Hand Generator need work hence just £35.
8) Power supply Cable from Battery to Dynamotor or PE-237 etc for BC 1306 / GRC-9 £35.
Other BC 1603/GRC9 accessories and cables available email for price and availability.
All prices exclude P&P which is approx £10 for smaller items £20 for radios / heavier items.
All items tracked/recorded delivery goods sent only after cleared payment .
Payment by cash on collection / bank transfer /postal order.

Kevin Jones: 01244 383392

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