Jeep Engine Block L4-134

John, an American, fan of old JEEP, set himself a challenge to revive the manufacture of blocks L134.
He looked for a foundry that be able to produce this block in the quality.
Through his experience and perseverance, he succeeded to convince a foundry they coiuld do what he wanted. After a lot of work and numerous tests, the challenge is risen with the republication of the L134.
John chose to launch manufacturing in Asia in order to reconcile quality and cost. He followed production very closely by going to the foundry throughout the year. The new grey iron blocks have a higher content of chromium and copper for added strength and durability over the original design. Each block has an individual serial number and it is shipped in a wooden crate with preparation information and warranty conditions.
This Block should be assembled only by experienced, professional engine builders. – Cylinder Bore: 3.1255″ +/- .0005″ – Valve Guide Bore Diameter (In & Ex): .374″ +/- .0005″ – Valve Seat Surface Width: .09375″ to .125″ +/- .0005 – Tappet Bore Diameter: .626″ +/- .0005″ – Oil Galley Taps/Plugs: NPT 1/8″ & NPT 3/8″ – Oil Galley Taps – Tapered. Declining price depending on quantity for reseller. Original Specifications: Specifications: Willys Go-Devil, L134 engine Production Dates: 1938-1965 Type: Inline four, L-head Displacement: 134.2 ci Bore & Stroke: 3.125 by 4.38 in Gross Power: 60-68 hp @ 4,000 rpm Net Power: 54 hp @ 3,800 rpm Torque: 105-109 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm Compression Ratio: 6.48:1 (7.0:1 in some applications) Engine Weight: 365 lbs (bare).

Price : 2149,90 €

Jeep Sud Est: +33 (0)4 90 39 56 27

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