Military Humvee’s For Sale and For Hire

HumveeUK is the UK’s premier sourcing and importing specialist of ex-US Military Surplus Humvee’s (HMMWV’s). We specialise in importing ex-US Military Humvees from the US to the UK, and are able to ship to Europe and Worldwide.
We can source your perfect Humvee directly from Uncle Sam for much less than you might think all through our brokerage service. Because we buy directly from the US auctions, on your behalf, it makes these amongst the cheapest Humvee's available anywhere in Europe!
Our UK stock of vehicles are also available to Hire, typically for film and TV work but are also great for all types of events where you want to be noticed or to make a statement! Product launches, PR and Marketing campaigns, film premieres, Conventions; the only limit is your imagination!
A Military Humvee is strong and robust and very difficult to damage or break anything on it.
This makes a great vehicle to use at shows and events as the general public can climb in (and even on top of!) for photo opportunities. What a better way to stand out from the crowd than to have something that people can really have fun with!
What’s more, we also have stock of Red Dot AC kits, extended cargo covers, new 4 man Arctic (insulated) soft-tops in green and used 4 man soft-top kits in Camo. Are currently the only UK suppliers of US Military paint colours available in green, brown, black & desert tan. And can make custom stencils in the correct military font for your vehicle.

For further information please visit us at
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Milweb Trade Seller
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