KS-1 Komet Radio Controlled Bomb

Development begun in 1947 along with a related ground-launched missile, the SSC-2B "Samlet" (S-2 Sopka), both missiles using aerodynamics derived from the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 fighter aircraft, and developed under the anti-ship missile codename "Komet".
The KS-1 was designed for use against surface ships.
It resembled a scaled-down MiG-15 with the cockpit and undercarriage removed. Its main fuselage was cigar-shaped with swept wings and an aircraft type tail. It was propelled by a Klimov RD-500K turbojet engine, reverse-engineered from the Rolls-Royce Derwent.
Guidance was provided by an inertial navigation system (INS) in the midcourse phase, and by a semi-active radar in the terminal phase which directed the missile to its target.
A 600 kg high explosive (HE) armour-piercing warhead was carried.
Rare piece of Soviet engineering.

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