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DAF YAV 2300 Cargo Truck

DAF YAV 2300, ex delivery with flat loading floor.
Can possibly be placed on a shelter. DAF is not a 4442 and cannot be compared either. Has 825 engine with 8 gearbox.
 In addition, the DAF has a torque converter, the torque of the engine about 3 x increased.
This DAF is comparable to the 10 tonner of the Dutch army. Car is normally continuous 4x4 with a distribution of 30 to 70%.
Has a longitudinal bar and a transverse bar.
Stands on sand tires with 90% profile. Has a hydraulic winch which can be released to the front. The DAF has 3 seats also on license plate. A major advantage of the DAF is the transitional arrangement, so 120 euros of road tax per year.
The DAF is really solid, except for 1 spot in the side beam of the body. Retrieved his APK without a problem 8 months ago. The test also did not yield rejection points.

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