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Sherman M50/M51 Israeli Sherman Cummins Engines

For Sale: VT8 - 460 B1 Cummins engines out of Israeli Sherman’s and a quantity of spares.
These engines are used in conjunction with the GAA radiator in the Super Sherman’s.
All the engines are running on engine stands and have very good engine oil pressure.
Every engine is supplied complete with a new starter motor,
*Spares* - If you need spares, if you are already running one of these engines, get in contact as we may be able to supply.
 The engines complete are £9,500 each.
These engines are particularly suitable for repowering a Sherman project as they have the fan bosses and bearings already on the front of the engine and have a proven history installed in Israeli Sherman’s  
These engines are very hard to get off and do not come up that often.
If you are interested in one of the above engines you can search on YouTube for “Cummins VT8-460” or can been seen running in person if you so wish.

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