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10 July '20

Wanted - 1943-1945 Willys MB / Ford GP

I am looking for a WW2 era jeep in good, solid but honest condition - not an over restored example.

07718 735 030
£1.00 uk
29 June '20


Wanted original WW2 Jeep. Ideally I am looking for A Willys MB "Slat Grill" in fully restored condition with the original body but would consider alternatives such as Ford GP etc.

07891 733658
29 June '20

Wanted - Dodge WC 54 Ambulance in Europe

I'm looking for a very good restored Dodge WC 54 in Europe. Body off restoration would be great. Please contact me.

0049 1517 0855886
18 June '20

Willys Jeep PBH 178

I owned this Jeep in 1965 and would like to buy it back. Last seen in Harrow 1975ish. I have photo of it in a front garden. Last DVLA activity 2010.

01494 522128

Adrian Flux Ex-Military Insurance

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