Vintage Buckau Wolf Magdeburg running military ship engine display

R.Wolf Magedeburg-Buckau was as a big German world famous manufacturer of steam engines, pumps, boilers, locomotives, guns and diesel engines.
Very nice and detailed to last screw looking engine, looks like an artwork.
Was a lot of work to built it, also many stainless parts have been laser cut, brass nuts, original color painting (was also ice blasted), polished some parts, straight stainless exhaust like on vintage air ships used.
Starts directly and runs good. Build to mount on rolls for easy shunt, or on heavy brackets for static mount, to fit the most of normal truck cargo beds and have tow hooks to secure. Amazing to see and hear engine begins to start with 500psi air pressure and runs with open valve train at low rpm and also on acceleration.
You can see the rods, pistons, crank, cam running turning through the perspex acess windows.
Also have decompression levers to open the cylinders loudy and turn it in start position, oil system pre oil pump, piston type water pump (like Ahrens Fox fire trucks), single cyl. temp.control, oil cooler, e.g.
Could be run a long time for display before the water heats up.
Weight around 4-4 1/2tons. Including all parts like big heavy bronze propeller on pod, fuel delivery podest, decoration piston, some spare parts like new cylinder head w/valves, spare pistons/cyl.liners, inject.element eng side hosuing covers, original exhaust manifold, cast acess covers, crank turning rod, technical data, e.g. Rare to see a vintage ship engine in the shape of large big ship diesels like a German U-boat engine (have around have the size and nearly the same looking) running as a display on meetings and not only aircraft engines (also sold the RR Meteor display engine in the past here).
Looks also nice as a decoration for some shops or companies.
Must be picked up with a truck or trailer, have a big crane to load or forklift, maybe I can deliver it with my M35A2 at buyers cost.
Maybe swap against another vinatge technical interesting engine.

Martin Grabowski

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