30mm Defa Cannon

The DEFA cannon (Direction des Études et Fabrications d'Armement) is a family of widely used French-made aircraft revolver cannons firing the standard 30 mm caliber NATO rounds.
The initial DEFA 551 was developed in the late 1940s. It was based on the German Mauser MG 213C, an experimental revolver cannon developed for the Luftwaffe. The MG 213 never reached production, but inspired the DEFA, the very similar British ADEN cannon, and the smaller American M39 cannon. As the DEFA 552 it entered production in 1954. In 1968 an upgraded version, Canon 550-F3, was developed, entering production in 1971 as the DEFA 553. The new version provided a new feed system, nitro-chrome plated steel barrel, forged drum casing, and improved electrical reliability. in this case we find an excellent and very difficult to get canon DEFA 553 demilled.  
From the Mirage F1c that were operative in the Spanish air force.
The cannon is demilled to the Spanish / EU specification with a certificate issued in 2018.  This does not mean that it should not be adapted to the local specifications of the country of destination.
The demilled can be modified according to instructions to the buyer's requirements.
Currently it can be completely disassembled and all parts are mobile.
Please feel free to consult me by Email.
Also that this weighs about 100 kilos.
Price € 3500

Josep Milan: 616 433168

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