WW2 Westinghouse T1 Air Compressor For WW2 Jeep

For sale:- Very rare Original WW2 NOS Westinghouse T1 Air Compressor as used on Willys and GPW 1/4 ton Jeeps, and other vehicles.
This WW2 compressor was made for Jeeps etc. used on long range and extensive journeys over rough terrain away from base where a fully independent an air compressor system would be essential.
Examples are the LRDG or Long Range Desert Group and related forces such as the S.A.S. travelling deep into enemy territory over soft sand and would require tyres to be partially deflated for extra floatation on soft sand and re-inflated when on hard top as well as repair to inner tubes facilitated by the split combat rims. Similarly in the E.T.O. jeeps would carry out similar deflation / re-inflation operations to help with grip in mud, snow and Ice and all vehicles would have the option to be fitted with the non-standard wider bar grip tyres.
Other groups such as engineers and sappers would need a ready supply of compressed air to service other vehicles and power certain tools. This original Westinghouse compressor is in very good NOS condition and comes with the mounting brackets, rubber hose and the double crank pulley to drive both the generator AND the compressor which can be engaged or just switched to idle when not in use.
This would make a fantastic addition for a serious collector and make a rare feature to a restored vehicle.
Typically these now sell for around £1500 and are becoming rarer all the time so this one is priced to sell at £985 ovno.
Cash on collection or cleared payment of item plus cost of  p&p (16Kg) by bank transfer prior to posting out.

Kevin Jones: 01244 383392

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